Saturday, February 4, 2012

Among the Branches

Among the Branches , originally uploaded by moonwild.

Via Flickr:
Among the Branches

This is another assemblage in my Fairytale series. Often find my art is influenced by the fairy tales that I heard in my childhood. I am making a series of assemblage created from my own fairytales that are told with my artwork. This fairytale assemblage is “The girl who lived with birds”.
There are mosses, roots, twigs, lichen in this piece that I have collected. The tree that the girl in the nest lives in is actually a dried cabbage root! I love to collect and dry roots and stalks from my garden. They are often very sculptural and durable.
The photograph used in the nest of a long forgotten little girl. I think she is glad to be out of the box and back in the world. She clutches a little purse and a handful of posies and is wearing a little pearl necklace. I added text from odd words to create a little poem that I added to the work it reads: among the branches of the tree, memory of voices recede.