Friday, May 6, 2011

The Pattern Grows More Intricate

The Pattern Grows More Intricate
Being Swept Along
No Longer Enough.
This is from my series of assemblage signs.
This is an assemblage created with found objects such as round metal pieces, rusty cogs, a thick glass orb backed by a photograph of a lone man, odd metal pieces and a wooden sign that I painted with the text from a Rilke poem. It is 5.5 wide inches across the sign. This piece is ready to hang.
I was inspired for these sign assemblages by memories of exploring ghost towns across the West when I was a child. I remember signs for abandoned businesses swinging and creaking in the wind and thinking how once these had been important to the owners and the town and they were now abandoned to time and its ravages. I used hinges on the pieces to give the works the possibility of movement. Swinging in the wind.

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