Thursday, November 12, 2009

Relics Stolen from the Crow Nest

If you are looking for shiny and new this ode to the crow necklace probably won’t suit you as all the objects and materials in this piece are found and upcycled/recycled and have natural patina of history and mystery!
The center piece is made from an unusual found object. It is a stiffened leathery holed object 3.5 inches long. I backed it with a metal brassy piece to create a window. Behind the tiny mica window is the word: crow.
Along with beads and baubles I used large vintage safety pins, old buttons, a tiny light bulb, shiny crystals on chains, and old tokens to create the sides. The top part of the side pieces are vintage black ribbons and added a brass fastener for a clasp on the top. The sides are each about 8 inches long. I can pull the piece over my head or it can be put on with the brass clasp

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