Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What We Cannot Speak About

What We Cannot Speak About, originally uploaded by moonwild.

What We Cannot Speak About

We Must Pass Over In Silence

This is from my series of small mixed media art quilts. This primitive style quilt is made with beautiful aged doll's lace trimmed dress of vintage muslin that Iapplied to a felt batting using the shape of the dress. I then quilted the dress to the batting with my sewing machine. I further embellished with an old tarnished photo image of a very serious girl that I transferred to fabric canvas, and the above quote, also on a canvas piece.
I also added old safety pins and a tiny old turquoise token of "the speak no evil, see no evil say no evil" monkeys, and three very old buttons.

Uploaded by moonwild on 19 Oct 05, 10.07AM PST.

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