Tuesday, April 27, 2010

He Appears Again

He Arrived., originally uploaded by moonwild.

This is an assemblage created with found objects.Behind the domed glass lens is a little world with a tiny tree ( made from a cabbage root).The glass is edged with words clipped from a weird old book I salvaged. I added a little bird, tiny light bulbs and chains. Guess what the barbed orb that hangs from the bottom is...???


Danielle said...

That's brilliant! Love your blog!

(DanielleJess Swap-Bot)

Fi said...

You make such great things! Really love your art.

Fii - swapbot

Limar said...

Your art is really very inspiring! Love this pendant. And what IS that thingy hanging there?? Do tell! :D

Moonwild Gardens said...

Acually this work one is bigger than it looks in the photo.It is a assemblage about 10 inches long.The thing on the bottom is a dog toy ball that I painted copper.I thought it looked very steampunky!