Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Memories of Wyoming

Memories of Wyoming, originally uploaded by moonwild.

This is a piece inspired by memories of growing up on the high prairies and mountains of Wyoming. This is not a delicate piece…it has heft and is made with metal, bones, and stone, and the weight of an artist’s memories.
I used a found object/ metal base and added interesting a stone wheel with the text “The land of clouds and regions of waters” from a William Blake poem.
I further embellished the stone with a bone ring, a tiny bulb with a secret message inside and wire beaded findings. The modern components fit strangely well with the stone and bone. The white bone piece is an old piece of jawbone that I found many years ago on the sagebrush flats in Wyoming. I added a white bird of hope. The piece has an old painted and rusted spring, a tiny buffalo charm, along with wire, more text from Blake and other items of interest. The size is 6 inches by 10 inches. It has wire a hanger on the back for display.
Annie Prolux books are wonderful stories of Wyoming and western states!! By Laurie Dorrell

Uploaded by moonwild on 6 Apr 10, 3.26PM PDT.


Bipolar Rollercoaster said...

I like this piece! I live up north in NE Montana. Similar climate and environment. This reminds me of things around here...

GoingTwinsane from Swap-bot

Moonwild Gardens said...

Yes!! Montana is very similar to Wyoming...montains, plains, winds snow and beautiful! I live in the mountains of Washington State now.Different but still beautiful. Wyoming is very dear to my heart and I am planning a trip back later this summer to visit my grandparents homestead...now owned/perserved by the Forest Service.
Laurie Dorrell

The After Craft said...

Very funky and fun stuff!! love it!

This is Sarah from swap-bot aka TheAfterCraft

Happy creating!!

Pendant Fun Wear said...

Love your unique pieces!
Teresa-creationsbytee from swap bot

Amandalee said...

This is an awesome piece of assemblage! I might be inspired to finish up a few things I have on the go at the moment. You are doing wonderful stuff, keep it up!

Hugs, Amanda (amandalee on swap-bot)