Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Make your home a nest.

Make your home a nest., originally uploaded by moonwild.

Make your home a nest.
Check out my bird nest! I created it with free form sewing using bits of this and that. (Always save those wonderful little scraps of ribbons ,tulle, lace, ravels etc!) I keep a sack by my sewing machine and put all my scraps in it to re-purpose in to a fun piece!)
I used a piece of muslin underneath and machine sewed the pieces randomly in a
circular pattern.
I then switched to hand sewing and added a fabric transfer bird and sewed some more
strings, threads, and fibers around her. I further embellished the nest with
beads, buttons, and little nature items such as twigs and mosses.
I think I will put her on an art quilt piece soon as I find all the right things
to go with her!
Laurie Dorrell

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