Friday, March 18, 2011

Their feet Shall Manifest

Their feet Shall Manifest, originally uploaded by moonwild.

Their Feet Shall Manifest

This is an assemblage made with many pieces of found metal such as a old drawer pull, a pair rusted scissors, , old key , a tiny copper foot and other vintage embellishments . I joined them all together to create an evocative fictional relic. It is 6 inches tall and 4 inches across. I used odd pieces of text from an old latin book to create the wording. The piece has wire on the back to easily display the work. It also has a poem on the back. I try to make the back of my pieces as interesting as the front.


In the Light of the Moon said...

Love love love it!!Warm Regards,Cat

Lucia said...

I LOVE this piece...and I have it hanging right over my own work space as an inspiration. Beautifully balanced. Really like your work.

Moonwild Gardens said...

Thanks...I hope to have a few more assemblage this week!

Gypsie said...

I love ur artwork!! Peace, Gypsie